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Born : Apr.21st

Blood Type : O

Inst. : Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass,

           Drums and others

Profile; Aizen from an early age cut his teeth on the piano and from his late teens moved onto playing in bands. He took a break from music until his mid-twenties and then joined the then on hiatus band RIVIED. Aizen sings, plays guitar, song writes, arranges, produces, engineers for RIVIED and also has many side projects such as providing music for various artists, composing, engineering and other music creation projects.

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Born : Apr. 1st

Blood Type : O

Inst. : Guitars


Profile; Hiroki started playing guitar in his teens. Winning prizes in contests, backing for major artists, teaching guitar among other interests. Hiroki’s guitar playing pyrotechnical to say the least. On stage he is truly a rock god!

Who is RIVIED?


RIVIED is a ROCK BAND based in Sendai. The capital city of Miyagi, Japan.
To move many people's hearts, we always keep on moving forward in search of the answer to, "What is ROCK?". Sending our souls out to the whole world!


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