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RIVIED has begun streaming their music online!

Finally, also in Japan, the flat-rate music subscription service 'LINE MUSIC', has begun! Not only can you listen to all kinds of music, you're able to share and chat about music on your timeline.


LINE MUSIC is offering a free trial of their music subscription service from August 9th. Don't miss it!


We'd love it if you listened to RIVIED using this service. Feel free to share! (Once you've downloaded the app, please search for 'RIVIED')

>>What's LINE MUSIC?

Download from the app store and Google Play.

Flat-Rate Music Subscription 'LINE MUSIC'

for iPhone users →

for Android users →

■Similarly'Apple Music' has begun!

Similarly, Apple's music subscription service, Apple Music has a free trial ending on September 30th.

>>Apple Music Teaser Site

Once subscribed, please search for 'RIVIED'


We are working hard at bringing our music closer to you!


Once you have purchased and downloaded music from the iTunes store, as long as you use the same Apple ID, you can download it again free of charge.

2014 / Sweet Sweet Surrender
SSCP-15001  1,500 yen  (exclusive of tax)


1. Awakening in a Strange Mage

2. Which Do You Want 

3. Blind Fighter

4. Unfailing Dreams

5. Born This Way

6. Keeper of the Symmetry

7. When I Stand Beside of You

8. Not Red, But Hot

9. Ordinary Days

10. The Miracle

11. Ultimate Prison

12. Time

The much anticipated album ‘Re:BIRTH’ can be heard on popular online music streaming services such as iTunes, Recochoku, Amazon Music as well has the new fixed-rate streaming service LINE MUSIC (free trials begin on August 9th). Also on Apple’s new fixed-rate streaming service Apple Music (three month trials have already begun).


『Re:BIRTH』(200 yen / song, 2,400 yen for the album)

Please access via the link below.

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